1. 13327.63 PLN

    Master Cello Pernambuco Fornaciari JR Bow, round.

  2. 12132.42 PLN

    Master Cello Pernambuco Bow Andreas Uebel, octagonal, silver winding, 3-pieced silver screw, "It grabs you right from the top".
    You will LOVE this Cello Bow from the first "touch" :).

  3. 5879_1279711834.jpg
    14781.05 PLN

    Weight: 80,9 g

  4. 12028.56 PLN

    Master Cello Bow Atelier P. Camurat - round
    Made in France,
    weight: 83,6 g.

  5. 5891_1378908057.jpg
    13628.04 PLN

    Cello Pernambuco Bow H. Knoll - gold***, round
    Made in Germany
    Weight: 81,5 g

  6. 10180_1492854029.jpg
  7. 10182_1492854409.jpg
  8. 10599_1516889085.jpg