1. 30378.36 PLN

    Luthier warm sounding instrument made in Germany
    •    spruce top
    •    sycamore back, sides and scroll
    •    vibrating string length: 103 cm
    •    a beautifully carved unique lion head adorns the entire instrument
    •    Thomastik Spirocore orchestra strings
    •    ebony fingerboard

  2. 5225_1318847356.jpg
    25580.40 PLN

    High-class masterful concert double bass from the Stoll luthier studio. Beautiful brown semi-matt varnish, Thomastik Belcanto strings, French bridge and ebony tailpiece. Solid sound base. Recommended for both solo and orchestral play.

  3. 9779_1476367122.jpg
    26000.00 PLN

    Vibrating string length 99,6 cm

  4. 5588_1277290308.jpg
    56345.63 PLN

    Masterful instrument for solo and orchestra playing. Selected solid spruce top, carved sycamore back, varnished by hand.

  5. 10488_1510667051.jpg
    26410.15 PLN

    A beautiful masterful instrument with wide application possibilities. Spruce top, flamed maple carved convex back. Gamba form. Single brass mechanism made in Germany. Thomastik Belcanto strings, vibrating string length: 104 cm

  6. 49441.08 PLN

    Selected wood instrument with solid spruce top and solid sycamore back. Varnish from natural resins applied by hand. Careful workmanship. Double bass for musicians with high expectations, looking for a unique instrument.

  7. 5587_1277289890.jpg
    44211.57 PLN

    A masterful concert double bass with a unique shape; carved solid top & back, varnish applied by hand. Recommended for solo and orchestral play.

  8. 35468.26 PLN

    - Top: solid spruce
    - Carved sycamore back
    - Ebony tailpiece and fingerboard
    - Solid master German instrument
    - Selected German bridge

  9. 29982.81 PLN

    Masterful concert double bass made of selected wood: solid spruce top and sycamore back; ebony fingerboard, red-brown varnish (or other on customer's request). Vibrating string length: 104 cm.

  10. 10057_1488972165.jpg
    32201.20 PLN

    Luthier double bass
    •    Carved convex back
    •    Top with interesting structure
    •    Vibrating string length: 104 cm
    •    Thomastik Belcanto strings
    •    Ebony fingerboard
    •    Large sound volume
    •    Dark varnish

  11. 10489_1510667714.jpg
    23796.22 PLN

    An unusual instrument for an outstanding young double bass player.
    Spruce top, carved convex back. Vibrating string length: 96 cm. Dark colouring varnish, Pirastro Flexocor strings, French bridge. Instrument with concert sound.