1. 4003_1278063842.jpg
    111.37 PLN

    Single Disc transducer
    Mounts between the wings and the feet of the bridge
    Output socket with 6.3mm jack

  2. 4869_1278064666.jpg
    632.87 PLN

    Designed for violin, viola, cello;
    Made to maximize the frequency response potential of any Piezo-style pickup;
    All new electronics deliver cleaner, more transparent sound and an unprecedented 400 hours of battery life;
    Controls include volume, bass and treble;
    The preamps are housed in a rugged, lightweight injection-molded case. These units are fully portable and come complete with a heavy-duty stainless-steel belt clip;
    Volume, bass and treble sliders;
    Easy-access battery compartment;
    AC adapter jack;
    Rugged injection-molded case

  3. 3668_1278063962.jpg
    184.87 PLN

    Twin Disc transducer
    Mounts either between the wings and the feet of the bridge or between the bridge and body
    Incl. attached output socket with 6.3mm jack

  4. 4460_1278062892.jpg
    481.53 PLN

    The Shadow SH 945 Nanoflex Violin/Viola Pickup System is designed to authentically reproduce the vibrations of your violin or viola with every move of the bow in all positions. This Nanoflex pickup not only responds to string vibrations like other under-the-saddle pickups, but it also senses the vibrations of the body of the instrument simultaneously. This completed shielded system incorporates active amplification in the pickup itself, which makes it 100% hum and noise free. The SH 945 mounts easily under the instrument’s bridge; no drilling necessary. The preamp with volume and tone controls is mounted on the violin’s side using a chin rest type mount and comes equipped with a standard 1/4" output jack.

    • Easy installation
    • 100% hum and noise free
    • Super sensitive Nanoflex pickup
    • Volume and Tone controls
    • 1/4" output jack
    • Requires a 3V cell battery
  5. 1119_1278063406.jpg
    325.00 PLN

    Professional Twin-Bridge piezo pickup
    Mounts between the wings and the feet of the bridge
    2 Piezos
    Incl. output socket (3.5 mm jack) with hook and loop fastener tape and 3.5 m cable (3.5 mm jack to 6.5 mm jack)

  6. 1120_1278063245.jpg
    285.87 PLN

    With separate volume and tone control knobs (attaches to the side of the instrument with chinrest-style hardware)
    6.3 mm Jack output

  7. 3236_1278064096.jpg