1. 33843.51 PLN

    Vibrating string length : 101,5 cm
    Upper width: 50 cm
    Waist width: 37,5 cm
    Lower width: 66 cm

  2. 32000.00 PLN

    Top Plate: Spruce
    Back plate and ribs: Flamed Maple
    single patinated mechanics made in Germany RUBNER
    soaked bridge
    sycamore tailpiece
    Carbon a'la Weidler Endpin
    Pirastro Perpetual SOLO Strings

    A great-sounding instrument, very well positioned and resonant, an ideal instrument for solo playing, very comfortable entry into the thumb position, after testing the instrument shows remarkable ease of sound extraction and the softness of the strings to the fingers, a very cantilene sound in the high registers, even leaving the impression of a cello sound.

  3. 27944.95 PLN
    • luthier instrument, handmade
    • massive, solid, german making
    • gamba form
    • vibrating string length: 105 cm
    • top: spruce
    • back, sides & neck seasoned sycamore maple
    • chiseled back
    • seasoned material for about 30 years
    • ebony fingerboard
    • Wittner tailpiece made in Germany
    • double brass mechanics
    • beautiful, dark spirit varnish with minor abrasions
    • Thomstik Spirocore Solo strings
    • fantastic price for quality
  4. 27000.00 PLN
    • luthier instrument, handmade, made in Germany
    • massive, solid, chiseled back
    • top: spruce
    • back & sides: seasoned sycamore maple
    • violin form
    • vibrating string length: 105 cm
    • single patinated mechanics made in Germany RUBNER