1. 8793_1445441512.jpg
    52000.00 PLN

    Masterful instrument, solid selected spruce top, convex maple back, French mechanism, Thomastik Belcanto strings.

  2. 6485_1299682125.jpg
    29852.00 PLN

    - Masterful instrument made of selected wood, signed by Rubner
    - solid spruce top
    - ebony tailpiece
    - adjustable bridge
    - 4-piece brass keys
    - traditional slightly matt varnish
    - powerful sound

  3. 49000.00 PLN

    Masterful instrument.
    •    made of selected wood
    •    solid German spruce top, carved sycamore back
    •    ebony tailpiece
    •    ebony fingerboard
    •    selected bridge material
    •    signed by Rubner
    •    4-piece brass keys (German mechanism)

  4. 5584_1277221756.jpg
    45368.86 PLN

    Instrument for solo and orchestral play.
    •    unique material of high quality spruce and sycamore wood
    •    solid spruce top
    •    convex back
    •    ebony tailpiece
    •    selected bridge material, signed by Rubner
    •    single brass mechanics
    •    massive, very stable endpin on a tube with a wide rubber
    •    instrument varnished by hand
    •    warm, amber varnish color

  5. 8157_1432980524.jpg
    54000.00 PLN

    Solo and orchestra instrument
    Solid selected spruce top
    Convex back
    French antique style mechanism
    Varnished by hand

  6. 3135_1277221681.jpg
    45368.86 PLN

    Masterful signed instrument.
    •    beautiful, traditional profiled busetto form with flaming f-holes
    •    made of selected wood
    •    solid spruce top, carved sycamore back
    •    ebony tailpiece
    •    selected bridge material
    •    signed by Rubner
    •    French mechanism
    •    4-piece brass keys
    •    Helicore hybrid strings
    •    beautiful, deep, baroque sound
    •    antique semi-matt varnish

  7. 5585_1277221815.jpg
    53000.01 PLN

    Solo instrument with Johannes Rubner signature
    •    solid spruce top
    •    carved convex back, set on ebony pins
    •    ebony tailpiece
    •    selected Rubner signature bridge
    •    French single brass mechanism
    •    hand varnished in warm amber brown color
    •    strong, deep orchestral sound
    •    A model that provides a solid sound base in an orchestra
    •    Thomastik Belcanto strings