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PEG MAGIC Peg Compound


Price: 29.00 PLN

Peg Magic is a revolutionary friction peg compound. It provides the perfect balance of slip and grip to allow the pegs to hold firm and turn smoothly. Our Magic Wand applicator allows for an accurate, controlled application. Used properly Peg Magic will never “creak” like peg drops or get “gummy” like wax based peg dope. Peg Magic is a natural compound made in part with a base of consumption safe grain alcohol.  It does not contain wax and when applied, must be allowed to dry completely prior to reinserting the pegs. It may take up to a week or two for your pegs to fully settle (become less creaky). This usually applies only to a new or newly fit set of pegs. If you have more porous pegs, consider using a thin coat of Old Master Wax in conjunction with the Peg Magic.  Apply sparingly.