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BOGARO & CLEMENTE Cello Case - 100% Carbon, Ferrari Montagnana *


Price: 7209.78 PLN

Italian cello case 100% carbon
Case made entirely of carbon fiber. From April 2017, the case use kevlar reinforcement.
light and functional coating provided with numerous furniture padding to adapt to a variety of different instruments. It has brings music and accessory pockets.


Two Modern, plastic, automatic systems for securing the bow against falling out
2 double leather handles at the bottom of the lid for storing the bow in two positions
Leather accessory pocket mounted on the top plate at the height of the head closed with a Velcro flap, dimensions 19x17
The second pocket is finished with leather (for moving - allows you to attach it to any part of the case)
The whole case is closed with a double interlocking seal
Closed with 7 spring locks, including two closing the head

Filling sponges:
4 double 16L x 11W (3 cushions in the upper part of the case, two for the sides and one for the bottom plate cushioning; 4 cushion - protection at the height of the stand on the lid of the case)
2 double 23x10 (mounted at the bottom, protecting the sides of the instrument
2 single 10x10 (mounted at the bottom on the bottom plate / under the bottom plate providing shock absorption of the bottom plate of the instrument)
2 double 18x8 (filling the space between the lower sides of the cello and the pillows supporting the cello at the foot)

The pocket for notes, dimensions 34x30, attached, permanently sewn to the material filling the bottom of the case, finished with a flap, lined with a Velcro-fastened flap
The neck is stabilized with a profiled sponge, the neck is fastened with a leather belt closed with Velcro
Permanently mounted textile strip to protect the head
Additional pocket for accessories placed between the leather handles at the bottom of the lid, fastened with Velcro, fixed permanently, dimensions 12x15
2 handles for carrying the case, one for carrying it horizontally and the other for easy lifting of the case to put it on the back
tiny handle to opening case easier
STRAPS: 2 padded straps connected with each other with an additional strap to prevent the straps from slipping when worn on the back

- deluxe class carbon case
- perfect finish
- safe and light at the same time, only about 2.8 kg.
- stable locks
- well-chosen filling pillows
- a pocket for rosin or other accessories
- 3 mounted handles for carrying on the back
- 2 handles
- padded straps
- 6 special safe locks
- lining made of delicate black velor
- 100% made in Italy