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CECILIA Rosin for Double Bass - Firmer


Price: 235.05 PLN

"Dare to be the finest."

CECILIA Bass Rosin is meticulously formulated to ensure a sustained and reliable grip, maintaining consistent traction quality over its entire lifespan when properly used and handled. Setting it apart from many bass rosins, CECILIA does not succumb to drying out, and its traction properties remain unaffected by fluctuations in temperature.


Two Distinct Formulas | Simple Choice

"SOFTER" Formula

For relatively lower temperature conditions (11°C ≥) or those seeking extra grip with fuller tone and more power

"FIRMER" Formula

For relatively higher temperature conditions (17°C ≤) or those aiming for a crisp clear tone with quick response


Create Your Perfect Blend

Depending on the climate or playing style, seamlessly combine both SOFTER and FIRMER formulas by applying them together and blending on the bow hair in various ratios. This allows you to achieve your desired balance of grip and tone quality for a personalized playing experience.