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Cornelius Schneider-Marfels Violin according to Guarneri del Gesu, „Lord Wilton 1742”


Price: 122424.77 PLN

Violin handmade by Cornelius Schneider – Marfels in 2021. This amazing instrument was modeled on G. Guarneri del Gesu, "Lord Wilton 1742".


- top plate: two-pieced made of highland, seasoned spruce, air-dried, annual growths from very compact to medium compact;
- back plate: two-pieced made of flamed, bosnian maple approx. 100 years old, wide, intensive wave;
- sides and neck: made of a very similar material as the back blate, radially cut;
- gold-brown-orange oil and spirit varnish on a cinnamon-colored wood base;
- boxwood fitting set from the excellent German company H. Lorenz.

An instrument in the professional segment.

Sound characteristics:
Noble, full sound, richness of overtones, immediate response, long sustain, beautiful transition between the strings, the balance between the strings is preserved. Beautiful piano, extraordinary sound, perfect for solo and for orchestra.